Illustrated Excerpts – “Dainty Monsters”

Free Fiction of the cyberpunk kind. With pictures. Enjoy.

Hot Space Station Justice

UNDER_STRANGE_STARS_final_rgb_flatten_6x9inchesA chapter from Under Strange Stars, the second collection of Clar1ty Wars stories. Illustrations by Tim Teague 


Jien stabbed at his maki roll. “It’s for your own good, babe.”

Seeb frowned for the tenth time that minute. A bad situation was turning several shades shittier and showed no sign of stopping. Her head understood going to ground meant changes, hassles, aggravation… Orbital creeps were shooting up city streets to kill her. A cheap two-room flat in A-Town, drab blend-in clothes, and a severe cut and bleach for her dark hair were a small price to pay for a hide-away package. But no Charm? No contact with Vasyl?

“Total blackout? No log-in at all?”

“Zero Grid,” Jien nodded. “Uncle Zhou said he wants you safe.”

Seeb snorted, started dissecting a wedge of nigiri on her plate. As far as she remembered, the Sun Yee On…

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Keiretsu Special Action Operatives

Whilst pre-ordering two Osprey rule sets the other day, I picked up Fistful of Kung Fu. I’ve only managed a read-through so far, but it seems like a fun little game fully capable of handling cinematic cyberpunk, Splinter Cell type games. Thus inspired, I dug through the misc fig box, did a little brushwork, and came up with two forces.

Security at Sumitomo Industries
Security at Sumitomo Industries
Avery Hsiang and Mk IV Mantis Security Droid
Avery Hsiang and Mk IV Mantis Security Droid
Two KDAO with Wasp Recon Drone. AKA "Goryō Squad"
Two KSAO with Wasp Recon Drone. AKA “Goryō Squad”
cpunkseta 009
Goryō One
Goryō Two
Goryō Two

cpunkseta 017 cpunkseta 021

We’re starting a Post Apoc campaign in two weeks, so I’m uncertain when I’ll field test these rules and figs, but it’s on the radar. (I mean barely on the radar. More of a glitch of static really. While having a limited duration, full-spectrum stealth gear is highly effective at foiling even advanced, multi-layered security systems.)