Silo57 Crew

Another crew for our Post-Apoc campaign. Here is Matt’s Scientific Enclave SILO 57 A small band of scientists, security and support staff survived the apocalypse in an underground bunker complex that was part of America’s intercontinental missile defense system. The Silo57 team is dedicated to restoring some shred of civilization to the world. Heavy reliance […]

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Wasteland Nomads

In preparation for our upcoming post-apocalyptic mini-campaign, I present Derek’s crew of Wasteland nomads. “Nomads” is the catch-all term for the strange assortment of scroungers, scavengers and survivors who live in the desolate stretches of post-apocalyptic wilderness. For various reasons, these individuals refuse to join one of the many groups of savage bandits that pick […]

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Junction Box Bunker no. 3

Gaming schedule is getting back on track next week. Here’s one of the new terrain pieces for the upcoming mini-campaign. Even if you don’t add detailing from your bitz box, Home Depot is an excellent source for inexpensive, interesting structures. A little spray paint, some drybrushing, and you’re good.

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