Wasteland Patrol, Pt 2.

Life any day in the post-apocalypse is pretty much the definition of ‘close call’ Saved by Erik the Red and Algernon from becoming Rager Chow, our intrepid Wasteland Lawmen live to fight another day. They stumble to their feet, bind their wounds, do an ammo count, check their drawers and start scrounging the battlefield. Anything […]

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Wasteland Patrol, Pt 1

“Thin line? Hell, we are the only line between a sliver of stability and total bat-shit crazy.” – Gil Adderson. Former Texas State Trooper and Founder of the Wasteland Marshals Started a three-game Post-Apoc mini campaign for Tues eve’s game nights. Part 1 saw the Marshal and two Deputies responding to the sound of gunfire […]

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