Free Story Time

Originally posted on Hot Space Station Justice:
For any interested parties, my short story SOZO is free ’til the end of the month. Fair Warning: a quick read, it has mature themes and deals with a demobbed combat vet who finds himself in an ugly situation. Ending is good though. On a related note, I’ve…

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Reinforced Pan O crew

Force Multipliers for my Pan Oceania skirmish set: a Cutter TAG and a Nemesis Light Strike vehicle. Not that I play Infinity, mind you. I just thought they all belonged together. Now I need to create a suitable OpFor and put them though their paces. Thanks and have an excellent day.

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Sci Fi Interior Boards

A while back I wanted interior terrain for quick and dirty guncrawls. Five years teaching TTGs as part of an After School Enrichment Program and running a Game Room impressed me with the need for durability, simplicity and playability. Thus these Interior Boards were fabricated out of insulation foam and MDF, with minimum fiddly, breakable […]

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GN 19 May: Slaughter in the Dark

Game Night Report. A Recovery Team was tasked with escorting a Technician through an underground research facility to its Command Center. All he had to do there was hack the main console and copy some critical files onto his deck. Easy in, easy out. The facility’s power was out, so dim Emergency Lighting limited LOS […]

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Conflicting Agendas

From last night’s game. Three small crews, Military, Mercenary and Bandit, all vied to control the Chechevko base in the north-west sector of the Zone. Tasked with critical data recovery, each crew was distinguished by specific gear and abilities. And competing agendas. Red Stones represented Mission Objectives while Green stones local Threats that were triggered […]

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