Sci Fi CGI

MOBY DICK – Sci Fi Style.

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16 April – Escort Mission

Safety is just around the corner. A short stroll here to there. Easy, right? *** Mira sidled up to the corner of the Conex container, Steyr hugged to her heaving chest. On a better day, it’d be a look worth lingering over. Today wasn’t one of those days. She wiped blood and sweat from her […]

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Latest Game night

Started a simple three-game linked scenario on Tues eves. We’re using old Cybertronic and Urban War Colonial Marines for the Terran Defense Force, and metal Eldar as off-world mercenary guilds. Both must fend off a generic Xenos invasion. (courtesy of some old metal Nids) It was too dark for in-game shots but here are some […]

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Some pictures and plans

So my dice luck has changed. Or is has it changed hands? Not only has a new player joined us, but I’ve won the last couple game sessions. Here are some photos from last night’s game set-up. It was a basic scenario: gang meet interrupted by two bounty hunter/vigilante crews. So now that we seem […]

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