The Grim Fall Ch.6 – Contribution

More Post-Apocalyptic fantasy. To catch up: ‘The Grim Fall’ is my next major fiction project. Set in a generic ‘high fantasy world’, it takes place after Ragnarok, the Final Battle of the Gods. The obvious concept is not everything was destroyed, and the survivors are trying to make sense and survive in what’s left. Think […]

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Cautiously Optimistic

I’m always down for some good cyberpunk. Always. Stumbled across ‘Human Interface. Nakamura Tower’ recently. Projected miniatures boardgame in c-punk setting. Looks extremely cool, art; setting, concept, renders for miniatures. But… in the era of Kickstarter fraudsters,  burnout, and vaporware,  I’m not forking over my credit chip or New Kong bucks until I see actual […]

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