Vintage Scouts and a Termie

“Rogue Trader” is as overused on eBay as “Pro-painted” these days; a not-necessarily-accurate tag to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of the unsuspecting. Picked these up for short $$ recently – think they were “vintage ‘Rouge’ Trader” –  and slapped some paint on. May not be as elegant or dynamic as current sculpts like Infinity, but there’s something endearing about their quirky character. Not my best brushwork, but game-able. Next in the queue are metal SMs and metal Nid Gants.

roguetrader 005 roguetrader 006

roguetrader 004

roguetrader 002

roguetrader 009

4 responses to “Vintage Scouts and a Termie”

  1. I like those old scout models, they are a look at “the future” through a very specific, 1980s, goth/new romantic prism.

    While the more recent marine scout designs – the design locked in in the late 90s – do have a nice spec ops look, they don’t fit as well with the grimdark 40k setting as these models do. These scouts are the squires/men-at-arms/neophytes to the Space Marine knights.

    That matters little to your setting and games of course, but the you go. I am envious of your high productivity, you churn stuff out. Well done.

    1. Thanks man. They’re quirky and unique. I have some old Kryomek Corporate Marines (Bob Olley sculpts, I think) that have a similar feel.

      Four of these scouts headed your way, btw.

      Don’t know about my productivity – I always feel like a slacker. Thanks tho.

      1. I know what you mean about feeling like a hobby slacker, but I guess that in part its that feeling that makes me move forward with things.

        Thanks for the scouts, Im looking forward to seeing which ones they are 🙂

      2. I prefer to be inspired, but the muses are such fickle mistresses. 😉

        Hope you enjoy the scouts.

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