Winter Storm Brushwork, pt. 1

Managed to paint up a couple figs between shoveling shifts. Things are just getting back online here. (Having spent three years in Nova Scotia, it is painfully obvious Mass. town officials don’t do snow removal all that well.) Here is the latest brushwork: two Infinity figs. I still don’t do them justice, but I think […]

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The Grim Fall Ch.6 – Contribution

More Post-Apocalyptic fantasy. To catch up: ‘The Grim Fall’ is my next major fiction project. Set in a generic ‘high fantasy world’, it takes place after Ragnarok, the Final Battle of the Gods. The obvious concept is not everything was destroyed, and the survivors are trying to make sense and survive in what’s left. Think […]

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Cautiously Optimistic

I’m always down for some good cyberpunk. Always. Stumbled across ‘Human Interface. Nakamura Tower’ recently. Projected miniatures boardgame in c-punk setting. Looks extremely cool, art; setting, concept, renders for miniatures. But… in the era of Kickstarter fraudsters,  burnout, and vaporware,  I’m not forking over my credit chip or New Kong bucks until I see actual […]

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Victory in New Burnham – Part 2

“In what Coalition commanders are calling ‘a stunning victory’ over rebel forces in the Trenovat Province, soldiers from the Prata Armed Forces have taken the town of New Burnham. They say occupying this critical junction of Highways 17 and  39 will seriously disrupt PLF movement and supply, and could possibly mark a turning point in […]

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Victory in New Burnham – Part 1

“Coalition forces inflicted a crushing defeat on the PLF today, as troops from the Viceroy’s Third Regiment entered what remains of New Burnham, a border town in the north west of the heavily-contested Trenovat province. Commander Smythe-Howard reports his soldiers engaged insurgents and inflicted heavy casualties, securing the area after what he termed a ‘vicious’ […]

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Vintage Scouts and a Termie

“Rogue Trader” is as overused on eBay as “Pro-painted” these days; a not-necessarily-accurate tag to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of the unsuspecting. Picked these up for short $$ recently – think they were “vintage ‘Rouge’ Trader” –  and slapped some paint on. May not be as elegant or dynamic as current sculpts like […]

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