Early Christmas present.

Umarex Legends series Broom handle Mauser full-auto BB pistol is a flat out blast.

There I was on the internet one evening, minding my own business, when BLAM in bursts a Pyramyd Air email with a discount code and free shipping. Frugal shopper that I am, I click over to their site and pick up this Wishlist item. A rather esoteric piece of firearm history, plus full-metal construction, blowback action, and full-auto capability made it a deal I couldn’t refuse.

Its arrival was the occasion to build a BB trap for indoor plinking in the basement. Both the pistol and the trap worked perfectly. In fact, I laughed out loud the first time I ripped off a clip of BBs at full auto.

So should you get one? Well here are the PROS

1. Rugged, full metal construction.
Only the faux wood handles are plastic, solid plastic at that. Otherwise, it’s all metal and heavy enough to stun a horse.
2. Full-Auto and Blowback Action.
Sure you can shoot semi-auto but why? Once you flip the selector switch to full-auto, you won’t go back.
3. Conversation piece.
Here’s the Wiki Link to the C96 for you history buffs. But if Winston Churchill and Han Solo had one, what can be wrong?

Here are the CONS
1. It ain’t cheap.
It’s not a $39.99 Crosman. (not that there’s anything wrong with Crosman or having a budget) Just be prepared to spend $150 for a pistol plus CO2 and steel BBS.
2. It’s Heavy
See No. 1 above. I recommend two hands to maximize control, especially on full-auto.
3. Pisses through CO2
See No. 2 Above. The blowback action uses CO2 to propel the BB as well as move the action. On Full Auto, you’ll only get three mags per air cartridge. The combination BB mag/CO2 holder means you can’t have preloaded mags on standby. If efficiency is your thing, get a Walther CP88 or a Webley Alecto. I own both and they are excellent pistols. This is a different animal. Which brings me to my next point.
4. It ain’t accurate.
BB guns generally have a tube barrel, no rifling. Which means no spin. Which means less accuracy. This is a plinker. (a BB hose, actually) If you want an air pistol for target shooting or varmint control, try a Crosman 2300S (yes, I have one. Custom-build)
or get a good pellet rifle. This is a good one.

My Conclusion.

If hanging out with your buddies and plinking cans and shredding paper targets sounds like fun, this is for you. Add steel BBs, a big box of CO2, and you’re good to go. Rugged, interesting, fun, this is a worthy addition to your air gun collection. Just be sure to stock up on CO2 and BBs – you’ll be going through them like crazy.

If you’re in a more serious mood or you need to take out the crows/squirrels/groundhogs molesting your garden, grab the Bone Collector or something like this Benjamin. They won’t disappoint.

Mauser pistol at Pyramyd Air

Shoot safe and enjoy.

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