CGI Wednesday: Aliens Isolation

The latest in the Alien franchise, this is a sneak-improvise-survive game. The only PC game to seriously freak me out was the venerable System Shock 2. however, this might well be the next one.

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Merry Christmas

Originally posted on Hot Space Station Justice:
I post this poem every year because I believe it captures the essence of the incarnation and redemption offered in Jesus Christ. Christmas is about God’s gift of Himself to us, not just for religious spit-and-polish or pious moralizing mixed with creeds and rituals, but God coming to…

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Final surge for LAF Painting Club

Motivated by the Lead Adventure Forum’s Future Wars Painting Club, here are my last two pieces for the moment. Enter an old Rezolution CSO Sergeant and a Nid Carnifex. Both were purchased on eBay. I appreciate the opportunity and the challenge afforded by the painting club. I think I got more done in the last […]

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An Ask

Quick ask here – if anyone’s read and enjoyed any of my fiction – The Barrow Lover, Running Black, Shift Tense (Red Flags, Soldier Dreams, Angels) or Clar1ty Wars 1: One Bad Apple – would you do me a favor and fire off a short review at either Amazon or Goodreads? Reviews and review numbers […]

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Weekend painting

The painting club over at Lead Adventure has me digging through my box o’ long-suffering primed figs. Got some painting time in Sat/Sun eves. Here are the results. A COUPLE MORE:

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Operation Icestorm Nomads Spektr

A second Infinity fig I’m actually satisfied with. The Nomads Spektr, their covert infiltration unit, if I understand the fluff correctly. I won’t be getting Operation Icestorm – have too many projects already – but I do like the figs. Perhaps eBay in the new year. MORE BRUSHWORK. (Non-Infinity)

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Old Warzone figs

Prodos Games resurrected Warzone figs and rules had me digging out the remnants of my WZ collection. I have a soft spot for the game; it and VOR were the two that brought be back into the hobby after a typical “adult” hiatus. There are few more in boxes and cases, but these surfaced first. […]

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