Sci Fi CGI Wednesday

Creepy little teaser for what could be a TV series.

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New Clar1ty Wars.

Originally posted on Hot Space Station Justice:
Chapters 4 and 5 now up. Click on the Clar1ty Wars: Under Strange Stars: Instruments of His Will or Under Strange Stars. Or Click Here and Here War is coming to Drop City. Jealous of their power over the planet and their monopoly on the cerebral-enhancer Clar1ty, the…

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Wargame classes?

I’ve mentioned previously that many years ago when my eldest was in middle school, I had the opportunity to teach ‘Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming’ as part of an after-school enrichment program in local school system. I thought the war-toys would be a pariah, but to my surprise the response was so overwhelming from […]

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Gator Team: Pig Iron MOUT force

As promised, shots of my latest ‘skirmish set’: two squads, FAT-Man Exo suits (Full Armor- Tactical) and IFV transport. (courtesy of Old Crow) Re-watching the battle scene in Ralph Feinnes’ ‘Coriolanus’ inspired me to try Urban Camo. Still hunting for a suitable gun-sled drone to round this set out. I’m thinking the upcoming Khurasan grav-stuff […]

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Latest Book Info

Apologies for thin wargame content lately. The added drama of abrupt changes on top of the usual pressure of a book release left me scrambling. That said, here’s the Release notice for my latest novella The Barrow Lover. It is now available at Amazon. The Kindle version is up, the print one working it’s way […]

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