Cheeki Breeki at Woodpecker 4.

Managed to get in a quick game the other night. Pressed for time, we used fast-play house rules and slugged it out STALKER-style in an old military base in the Zone. Both teams advanced on the flanks, popping smoke, vying for good angles. Mongo and the Ursa went toe-to-toe – again. (Mongo for the KO) […]

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NK69: Tomorrow’s Five – Oh

Lately, I only step in the Game Room on my way out the door, but I did pick up a brush long enough to put color on these. I present you with members of NKPD’s over-worked, under-paid, under-armed, police force. These honorable men, women, and droids struggle day in, day out to protect and serve […]

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Battlesuit Comparisons

Hobby-time has been scarce lately, but the arrival of Zandris IV’s new Satria Battlesuits inspired me enough to A. assemble them, then B. take some comparison shots for any one interested in such things. Pix below. Ask questions as needed. Hope they help.

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