It keeps getting better

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Teaser: Latest Fiction Project

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy. Figured I’d try this on you guys, see if you liked it. Prologue: to Conjure Destiny Ragnarok. Twilight of the Gods. Whom the Gods destroy they first make mad… but when Gods purpose their own annihilation, what lunacy preludes that ruin? What malefic visions bring forth gibbering deicide? Ragnarok… The end of all […]

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Asking a favor

I hope this isn’t an “ask too far,” but if anyone has read and enjoyed any of my books, could you fire off a quick, honest review for Amazon and/or GoodReads? Even if you weren’t thrilled, that’s fine too. So long as it’s legit. I’m not looking for shill and gush. Genuine reviews (and review […]

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