What Pacific Rim wanted to be.

but never will. Because there is only ONE GODZILLA! I am so there.

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Pulp Alley First Impressions

PULP ALLEY Pulp Alley doesn’t care whether you have an AK or an M4. Pulp Alley doesn’t differentiate between kevlar-weave and ceramic plates, between a stone wall or wooden crates. Pulp Alley doesn’t have hit points, hit locations, a bazillion modifiers, charts, tables, or addendum. Pulp Alley is about Heroes, Sidekicks, Enemies and Allies. The […]

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Deadly Shadows in Guangzhou

“You seeing this?” Omar Patek asked McNevin. Silent frustration rolled off his supervisor in waves. The corporate jet’s A.I. pilot had crash-landed the Lear in an empty parking lot on the east side of the Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Zone. Patek had spliced into the facility’s security network thirty seconds earlier, and started streaming live security […]

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NK69 – Seraph Protocol

NK69 is a series of linked missions set in the futuristic mega-city of New Hong Kong in 2069. I’ll be learning/adapting the excellent Pulp Alley rules to game out the intrigue and vicious covert battles in this cyberpunk setting. A bit of fiction to start SERAPH PROTOCOL The flatscreen showed a VTOL pad, an oval […]

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