Halloween present to myself

Seeing as I can’t dress up anymore. (fifty-year old in a monster costume is a definite shift to the ‘creepy’ side of the spectrum) So… to replace my S&W .38 Chief’s Special

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Puppet Wars Troopers, part 2

Next and final segment on Puppet Wars 28mm resin troopers. (Scroll down for Pt 1) Sorry no WIP shots for my usual fast and dirty brushwork. Simple prime, drybrush, details, inks, more details, bases, then seal. Good for table top standard. WW2 is next on the game schedule, but I’ll break out the Interior Boards […]

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Oct20 Latest Brushwork

Concentrating on the new Puppet Wars figs, all I’ve managed to finish are a pair of Support Drones for my RusEnergia crew (modified Mercs USCR) and a metal Capt Brother Stern to add to my small metal space marine collection. (An old metal Dreadnought just arrived in the mail, so that’s in the queue)

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War is no game.

The following is so clear and poignant, I think it deserves to be read by everyone. What I do here is a hobby, a diversion. It’s part strategy game, part artisan-craft, all geek. In no way am I trying to trivialize or glorify the real thing. War may be a regrettable necessity at times, but […]

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Oct Reinforcements

Added a Sentinel, an Ogryn and a Commissar to the old-sculpt Stormtroopers. There’s a Sniper, an old Sanctioned Psyker, and an Assassin in the queue. Hobby-wise things are looking up: one of the teachers at the school where my wife works is an long-time gamer and he’s interested in getting back into it. Also looks […]

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Couldn’t resist

Bucket-loads of potential for these guys. I enjoy supporting quality work, especially smaller companies, and there’s lots of nice hobby stuff coming out of Eastern Europe. These are multi-part, pose-able resin, which is cool enough, but the two-handed pistol shooting sergeant pushed me over the edge. Order placed. More HERE

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