Game Night 8/27

So I’m getting a little jealous of the camera on my buddy’s phone. And I lost this time, which rubs salt in the wound. It’s kinda pissing me off. OK, got that out of the way. Any recommendations on a decent digital camera for minis? All our recent games have been straight up brawls, what […]

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Pix from STALKER games

Well that pic-swipe from another site didn’t work out. Sorry. Here are some shots from STALKER-themed games. If you’ve never played the STALKER PC games, I think you’re missing out. They’re slow burn, sandlot, RPG-type shooters set in Chernobyl. Moody, exotic, (in a barren, radiated sort of way) with loads of automatic weapons. Lead Adventure […]

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Game Night 8/20/13

A root canal kept me from creating any kind of narrative for a Bet Rep, but here are pix from latest game night. Bloodied my friend’s Haqq force. It was a close battle with hefty body count. The Haqq pulled off a win first time out though. Once again we used out “Cleared To Engage” […]

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Haqqislam figs

Fast and dirty pjs for my friend’s Haqq force. They have the fantastic detail and dynamic typical of Infinity figs. My brushwork doesn’t do them justice, but I think they capture the feel of a light recon force quite well.

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Photos from Game Night

Kem Var Intercept team ambushed Rus-Energia security escorting a high-value asset through a light industrial center. Home-brew rules called ‘Cleared to Engage” in effect. Valiant effort by the Kem-Var but the steel glacier prevailed. Obfu gear ain’t nuthin’ in a storm of 7.62mm rounds, baby. Killer is my buddy’s phone camera takes better pictures than […]

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