Re-Post from Rob Hawkins blog

Check this remarkable bit of gaming goodness: RIVET WARS DIORAMA Makes what historians have called “the 20th century’s greatest blunder” almost cute.

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Speaking of Science Fiction…

My next book is out. Shift Tense – Red Flags is available now at Amazon. The lads of Eshu International find themselves in the cross-fire of a nasty little civil war in future Somaliland. Description: What’s the first rule of a gunfight? Bring a bigger gun. Hired to end a vicious civil war, Eshu International’s […]

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Picked up a MERCS USCR Starter on eBay. Love MERCS figs, the skirmish-level gaming concept, the versatile starter teams, but the rules leave me underwhelmed. I have KemVar and Keizai Waza factions, an expanded FCC force, a proxy CCC unit (modified some Heresy Miniatures troopers) and I’ve had my eye on the big boys of […]