Mongo’s Last Stand

Combat raged in the abandoned research base once again last night, and once again the (reinforced) Vityaz team got spanked. By those damn rats, wouldn’t you know. There was an epic slugfest between Mongo and the URSA assault suit, the armor plating holding up under the giant mutant’s relentless pummeling. However, the workers of the […]

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A Black Day for STALKERS

Tonight was to be the first mission in a linked series. A small detachment of Vityaz MVD troopers was on a routine sweep near the south west edge of the Zelyony Forest. At mid day, they caught the feeble, static-washed signal of a distress call claiming to be from the survivors of a scientific research […]

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The hunt for perfect rules

It’s more an epic quest, actually. You know, your peculiar holy grail table top rules. For me, it’s fast-play, skirmish combat with RPG-lite elements. Call me finicky but don’t want a lot of bookkeeping or no chit-clutter. (spoils the effect, IMO) I don’t want a dozen stats/model, page after page of tables, hundreds of modifiers, […]

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Pictures from test game

Tues eve my gaming buddy and I play-tested Command and Control rules for our home brew skirmish rules. Table was still set up so I snapped some pictures while the light was still decent. Sedition Wars, Reaper Chronoscope and Urban War figs for the human forces while the Bugs were represented by Reaper and GW […]

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