More pictures of the Industrial Center

Fortunate to have a sizable collection of Sci Fi/P-A/Near-Future terrain for 28mm, the Industrial Center being popular. Here are some more pictures of the current set up. Most of it is Litko Industrial Terrain System kits permanently attached to MDF boards, then accessorized with resin pieces, tubing, bitz. There’s a scratch-built office/garage, some fences, a […]

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Game Night Pix

Here are some shots of Tuesday eve’s game night. Long time ago, I scribbled down some ultra-simple skirmish rules for pick-up games like this one. American forces were tasked with securing a damaged Sherman for repair crews. Germans sent a panzerschreck team and pals to finish the job. Click on the images for larger version. […]

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Black Friar Security

Was pleased to get my order of Hasslefree Moderns right before Christmas. I retired to the War Room first chance, and set about assembling and priming them up. Now one of the many nice things about these figs – apart from little to no flash, crisp casting, excellent dynamic – was the extra weapon options. […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2012 closed well for you and that 2013 brings good games with good friends. First post of the new year brings the MERCS Keizai Waza Mega-Con squad. Searching the net for non-green colors schemes turned up this very cool concept art: The dark armor/uniform with high contrast armor plating had […]

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