Played a demo the other day at my FLGS – Game – on 6A in Barnstable, MA.  – and decided it was time to move my KemVar up a few spots in the painting queue. I still need to mark facings on the bases, but I’m pleased with the results:

All six figs in the current Kem Var range
Monkeywrench, Sniper, Grenadier
Assault Leader, Assassin, Heavy

Seeing as MERCS is usually demo-ed on small gaming areas, I re-purposed a couple old pieces of terrain for an outdoor industrial setting.  Needs a bit more weathering and some additional resin scenics for clutter/cover, but I think it’s acceptable.

2′ x 2′ demo area


Now to carve out some time and get back to GNN for more gaming.

The Number ONE funded boardgame on Kickstarter.

Sedition Wars – Battle for Alabaster

Read the article at the link for more information. Basically it’s  a sci fi, deep-space board game in the vein of Dead Space and Aliens. The crowd-funding method of 4000 plus backers raised nearly one million dollars to see the game enter production.

I pledged a Biohazard level, plus additional for some of the extras. I’ll end up with double the regular amount of figs, all kinds of special characters and terrain. A screaming deal if wargaming is your thing. This was my first participation in a Kickstarter campaign and I’m glad it went so well.

Nearly a million bucks… wow.

Not to be a buzz-kill, but I can’t help but think if that same crowd-funding technique and passion couldn’t be poured into non-recreational, charitable causes.