Figs from the new and improved painting desk.

So my painting desk used to look like this:

A truly God-awful mess of paint jars, brushes, figs, bitz and X-acto blades. Than a timely review of Hobby Zone’s Paint Station and Hobby Organizer on Table Top Gaming News prompted a spasm of  well, organization. Overseas shipping was a killer, but the situation was dire enough for me to bite the bullet. I’m glad I did.

The Organizer was a kit of laser cut plywood that required a bit of glue and mallet work to assemble. It went together reasonably well, and it certainly is large enough for tools, bases, bits, tape, glue and what-not. I mean it’s not Shaker-furniture, but it’s sturdy and does the job.

The Paint Station arrived assembled. Someone in Customs must have drop-kicked it at some point of the journey from Poland, because there was a nasty crack in the bottom surface on the left side. Not serious enough to return, but ugly. The paint tray covers it, so no worries. Good thing is now I can see what paints I own and sort my brushes by quality instead of pawing through the pick-up stick pile for my good 10/0.

Inspired, I colored up some of the primed figs sitting in the queue. Here’s the latest brushwork:

Kit Bash – Wasteland Warrior. Merc legs, Defiance Games torso, arms and weapon, Merc backpack, Pig Iron head.

Another angle. Base has a container from Rebel Minis and a Mantic ghoul head for character.

I’m not a fantasy gamer, but found the dynamic on this Warmachine character pretty keen. (On Right)  I also painted up a power armor suit for Mike McVey’s Sedition Wars. (On Left)

This one has a  certain brute utilitarian menace that actually looks like it would fit a human figure.

Here’s the rest of my Sedition Wars figs. I like this range, so much so I participated in my first KickStarter campaign and backed the upcoming Sedition wars box set.

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